Node.js Boilerplate Site Template... Without Jade

When tinkering with sites, it helps to be able to setup a new site quickly. So, I made a minimalist node.js site boilerplate. You can download this at https »

Embedding a Tweet in a CMS that Blocks JavaScript

I recently wanted to let my CMS users easily embed tweets into their blog posts. There were the following problems / requirements: Our CMS doesn't allow users to post scripts, so »

How Your Perfect Code Base Was Corrupted

A quick recap on how your perfectly clean code base became corrupted, in one gif: We've all been there. You think you designed the greatest system ever... and then after »

Coding Without Music vs Coding With Music

What you feel like coding without music: What you feel like coding with music: »

YouTube Video Event Tracking With Google Analytics

I was recently tasked with including tracking for YouTube videos embedded on a site I manage. Turns out, it's pretty easy to do. This post will allow you to answer »

Disabling the Video Call Default in Google Calendar: Google Apps Admins

I was recently contacted by one of my Google Apps users, who complained that everytime he created a new event in his Google Calendar, it defaulted to a Video Call »

What if Your Website Were an Animal?

It's the weekend. Time for a totally pointless (yet entertaining) exercise: If your website were an animal, what would it be? Recently I was thinking about the circumstances that led »

Self-Perceived Effectiveness of Tweets

I've been on Twitter since 2009. Sometimes I feel like my tweets are as effective as blowing bubbles in a wind storm. »

ASP.NET Web Forms, a Detriment to Web Developers

I've been an ASP.NET developer for a long time, starting with classic ASP about 15 years ago, eventually moving to ASP.NET Web Forms. Nowadays I would never consider »

Make a QR Code Easily in ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC

This post covers how, in 8 lines of code, you can write a custom HttpHandler to easily generate QR codes from client-side code. (Demo project on Github) My previous post »

Easy QR Code Creation in ASP.NET MVC

Today I was rebuilding a URL shortener site I wrote in ASP.NET Web Forms 4 years ago (as usual, I hated all of my old code). One part of »

Name That NES Soundtrack

Think you know your Nintendo games? Prove it! Directions Use the controller below to play soundtracks and audio from NES games. Can you identify the game they are from? If »