If Web Technologies Were Hand Tools

Flash Previously a great way to manage the presentation layer of your yard. Tries to stay relevant by updating its wheels every now-and-then (at which point it tries to convince »

5 Tips and Tools for Beginner Web Developers

If you have a favorite tool or a good story on how you chose a programming language, please leave a comment! 1. What programming language should I learn? This is »

Extend FullCalendar Events with Bootstrap Modal

Download the example on GitHub: Node.js Example or if you don't do node, the HTML Example. The Node.js examples include a demo using Google Calendar as the event »

Migrating from ASP.NET to Ghost / node.js

I just made the transition from my custom-built ASP.NET blog to Ghost. Ghost is a free, open-source blogging platform (and it is the first 3rd party system I've liked »

jQuery FullCalendar Event Filtering Example

9/9/2014:  Demo updated to FullCalendar 2.1.1. 1/6/2013:  Demo updated to include filtering from a 2nd JSON feed. Everytime I go looking for »

Preserving Important Comments in Bundling and Minification

I recently read an interesting question on Stack Overflow - How can I preserve comments that matter in MVC 4 style bundling? Good point. All comments, event ones marked as »

The Worst Job Titles in the Internet and IT Occupations

Below are the two worst job titles in the internet and information technology occupations. 1. Webmaster This is my title, and it is pretty ridiculous. Everytime I say it, clouds »

Changing the Ordering for Bundles in ASP.NET

I've seen a couple of recent questions on Stack Overflow lately referencing Steve's Coding Blog article Changing the ordering for single bundles in Asp.Net 4... followed by questions on »

Altering User-Agent Changes Output in ASP.NET Bundling and Minification

This post covers an ASP.NET feature where user-agent manipulation changes the output in your production environment. How much can be revealed on your servers? I almost fell out of »

Can We All Stop Using "Click Here"?

I can't hold it in any longer. Webmasters, web designers, developers, front-end, back-end, all of you. STOP IT! Stop saying Click Here. Really. People know what links are by now »

Secure PDFs by Roles and Log File Downloads With a Custom IHttpHandler

If you are using FormsAuthentication and a RoleProvider in ASP.NET, chances are at some point you will want to secure access to static files like PDFs (or any other »

Create FullCalendar JSON Feed in C#

I've received a couple of questions about past blog posts concerning FullCalendar, primarily How did you generate your JSON feed for FullCalendar? The previous blog posts were FullCalendar Event »