The Easiest Ways To Fail at QR Codes

Bloggers love to talk about "The 10 Best Ways to Use QR Codes" and "Beautiful QR Codes that Will Take Your Breath Away And Leave You Panting." But no one »

A Cautionary Tale of Building Your Website

Don't succumb this common problem in developing your company's website. Have you ever been here? Any web site development horror stories? »

Use ASP:TreeView as a Directory and File Browsing Tool

This post is about how to make a directory / file browser tool for your website using the ASP.NET TreeView control. Get the full source code at Github. I like »

The Most Important Thing to Know About Web UI Design

This morning, I made a graphic that distilled years of experience into one very important thing to know about designing user interfaces for the web: How you design it isn't »

Use SoundCloud for Authentication in ASP.NET MVC

After much fruitless searching combined with the lack of a .NET SDK from SoundCloud, I wrote my own OAuth2Client to handle authenticating a user through SoundCloud. Instead of duplicating my »

How is Response.Redirect() Impacting My Site?

Can people ignore your Response.Redirect() and potentially gain access to pages they shouldn't be able to access? (tl;dr YES) Response.Redirect() is defined in the MSDN as: Redirects »

Error Handling with Elmah in ASP.NET

Elmah provides application-wide error logging and can be easily installed via NuGet. Using Elmah keeps you from having to write your own error handling logic, provides you with email, RSS »

jQuery FullCalendar - Event Description with Modal Pop-up

Download the example on GitHub: Node.js Example or if you don't do node, the HTML Example Use Bootstrap? Check out the Bootstrap example instead. The other day I wrote »

exception code: 0xc00000fd. Debugging a StackOverflowException

If your website is causing a StackOverflowException, you'll see errors in the application and system event logs. Examples: The requested operation caused a stack overflow. -------------- Event Name: APPCRASH Problem »

Don't Drive Your Mass Email Campaign Off A Cliff

Warning. Road turns into bacon ahead. Everyone is full of good advice. I get pummeled with it every day. My Twitter feed is undoubtedly one of the best in the »