If Web Technologies Were Hand Tools


If Flash were a tool
Previously a great way to manage the presentation layer of your yard. Tries to stay relevant by updating its wheels every now-and-then (at which point it tries to convince you to get a mule-powered tiller too. No thanks, just the wheels).


If JavaScript were a tool
Can be used just about anywhere and you almost always need one.


If jQuery were a tool
Faster than a regular screwdriver, but leads to laziness.

ASP.NET Web Forms

If Web Forms were a tool
Had a purpose once. Doesn't any more.


If ASP.NET MVC were a tool
You just needed a knife, but you got this.


If Perl were a tool
Most people don't know what it is or what it is good for.


If PHP were a tool
Good at moving stuff around, but overall it just blows.


If CSS was a tool
Most of these are needed just to make your page work right in IE.


If Node.js were a tool
Everytime you see it you want to play with it.

Any WYSIWYG editor

If Perl were a tool
You use it to push crap.