Node.js Boilerplate Site Template... Without Jade

When tinkering with sites, it helps to be able to setup a new site quickly. So, I made a minimalist node.js site boilerplate. You can download this at and have a local site up and running in about a minute.

It's nothing extravagant, and it isn't a big install... but it is quick and simple. That's how I wanted it. If you want a powerful fullstack solution, you could go with

For the templating, I used doT with doT-emc. Although the npm packages haven't been updated for a while, I still prefer using them. This method is simple, quick, and it's not Jade (I'm just not a fan of using markup like that) which is the template that comes up a lot when googling Express template engines.

So... git, star, fork, and provide feedback!