The Worst Job Titles in the Internet and IT Occupations

Below are the two worst job titles in the internet and information technology occupations.

1. Webmaster

This is my title, and it is pretty ridiculous. Everytime I say it, clouds darken and a clap of thunder rumbles in the background, just to add effect to the stated mastery of the interwebs. Though, I'll admit that when I introduce myself, I try to skirt around my title: "I'm Mike and I finagle the web thingies."

How I picture a webmaster in my mind

Alternatives that would be just as good: Webwizard, Regional lord of internet serfs.

2. Anything that ends in "Evangelist"

I see this one a lot, especially in my work in higher-ed as people often reference LinkedIn's "Higher Education Evangelist" John Hill.

This isn't a dig on John. From the times I've seen him at conferences, he seems like a really good guy... but his title leaves me thinking we should be in a ramshackle Tennessee church, handling copperheads, and speaking in tongues about how to get your damn LinkedIn profile to 100% complete (...if you have faith you can reach "All-Star" Profile Strength, the venom can't hurt you).

Technology Evangelist

Alternatives that would be just as good: Technomonk, IT Life Coach

Do you have an embarassing title?

Drop a comment and maybe I'll add it to the list. Though as a webmaster, I reserve the right to simply sneer at your suggestions from my throne of discarded PC parts.