How Your Perfect Code Base Was Corrupted

A quick recap on how your perfectly clean code base became corrupted, in one gif: We've all been there. You think you designed the greatest system ever... and then after »

Coding Without Music vs Coding With Music

What you feel like coding without music: What you feel like coding with music: »

Self-Perceived Effectiveness of Tweets

I've been on Twitter since 2009. Sometimes I feel like my tweets are as effective as blowing bubbles in a wind storm. »

If Web Technologies Were Hand Tools

Flash Previously a great way to manage the presentation layer of your yard. Tries to stay relevant by updating its wheels every now-and-then (at which point it tries to convince »

The Worst Job Titles in the Internet and IT Occupations

Below are the two worst job titles in the internet and information technology occupations. 1. Webmaster This is my title, and it is pretty ridiculous. Everytime I say it, clouds »

Can We All Stop Using "Click Here"?

I can't hold it in any longer. Webmasters, web designers, developers, front-end, back-end, all of you. STOP IT! Stop saying Click Here. Really. People know what links are by now »

A Cautionary Tale of Building Your Website

Don't succumb this common problem in developing your company's website. Have you ever been here? Any web site development horror stories? »

The Most Important Thing to Know About Web UI Design

This morning, I made a graphic that distilled years of experience into one very important thing to know about designing user interfaces for the web: How you design it isn't »